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Virtual Hosted Desktop Solutions

What is a Virtual Desktop?


BoltonSmith’s Virtual-Hosted Desktop Solution is a comprehensive system that pushes the envelope of business computing. Powered by VMware View Technology, this service enables your organization to embrace the numerous strengths of virtual desktops without the need for licenses, infrastructure, or considerable IT training.

Our support staff has extensive experience as certified VMware engineers, and will work with your IT department to design a Virtual Desktop environment according to your business needs.

Whether your company intends to deploy an in-house system or utilize a BoltonSmith-hosted Desktop Service, our technical staff can build a road map for your organization and guide you through a smooth integration.

What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)?

A Virtual Desktop serves as a replacement for the computer towers at the employees’ desks. Programs and files are accessed and stored on these servers, and the machines at the office are used simply to interact with and transmit input from the user to the server.

Can vDesks save costs?

Yes! Virtual Desktop solutions offer a number of opportunities for cutting expenses without sacrificing employee productivity. By centralizing the core of your computing infrastructure to a cloud environment, a significant portion of your computing expenses can be condensed, allowing you to reduce overhead costs across a wider spectrum of your computing infrastructure and to achieve a greater return on investment.

  • Provides scalability of resources to increase desktop performance without any requirement to replace or upgrade end-user hardware

  • Access Business Applications without having to purchase licenses for each individual device (iPad, iPhone, Laptop, Desktop Computer)

  • Computing performance is independent of the quality of end-point machines, allowing less expensive or older devices to perform equally well

  • End-point devices do not require regular replacement

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Virtual Desktop Solutions That Grow with Your Business

While BoltonSmith treats each client's VHD requirements very differently, the end goal remains the same for all of our customers: to maximize the benefits of virtual-hosted desktop solutions for each client without compromise. We offer VHD services that are built for seamless integration with the BoltonSmith Unified Communications Network, powered by Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP. This unique network is built to provide our clients with ready and secure access to their data regardless of their location and it can be customized quickly and efficiently as your business requirements change over time.

In today's fast-paced working world, it's essential that all users have secure access to essential applications and data. To address these needs, a growing number of organizations are turning to the cloud for virtual desktops. In this environment, important data is accessible in a secure location on the organization's cloud servers rather than on each employee's personal computer or a corporate network. BoltonSmith's own virtual desktop solution is easy to use, and so fast and responsive, users may not even realize they're not working from a local desktop. 

Virtual Hosted Desktop - The BoltonSmith Advantage

The advantages of BoltonSmith's Virtual Hosted Desktop platform are clear: seamless yet secure access to data, no matter where in the world an employee or stakeholder is located. As your organization grows into a mobile, global workforce with regional, national, and international partnerships, this kind of remote accessibility becomes progressively more vital. No wonder an estimated 50 million businesses worldwide now depend on Virtual Desktop solutions for access to their most sensitive information.

How do VDIs integrate with existing systems?

While the transition from a traditional computing structure to a Virtual Desktop environment might appear to be a complicated and intrusive process, there is almost no disruption at all. The majority of the process lies in server preparation, and in training your IT staff to perform administration duties.

  • Seamless integration with your current IT infrastructure

  • Templates can be designed to instantly create and provision new desktops

  • Deploy applications and patches instantly

  • Integrates with Microsoft's Active Directory to manage user & group permissions and to associate policies with virtual hosted desktops


Virtual Desktop systems are designed to be as easy-to-use as possible. End-users are able to quickly and easily resume their work, and can be guided through the new range of available functions without difficulty.

  • Simplified desktop management

  • Reliable and familiar desktop regardless of the means of access (laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.)

  • Upgrading to the latest OS has never been easier

End-User Experience

Aside from the wide array of new administrative functions available to your IT department via the Web-based Desktop Management console, end-users will be provided with a much greater facility for mobile access and improved computing.

  • Freedom and flexibility to access your desktop from any location and on any device (Desktop, Thin/Zero Clients, Mobile Tablets and Phones)

  • Check Out/In your desktop to continue working offline (i.e. in flight or without a network connection)

  • Remotely access physical computers located at your office

  • Virtual Desktops are capable of 3D Images and HD Video

  • Desktops utilize server-grade CPUs and Memory for higher application speeds

  • Easily connect and utilize local devices, such as:

    • Local or Network printers

    • USB Devices

    • Multiple Monitors

  • Non-stop desktop (seamlessly transfer between a computer and mobile devices)

  • Shared files/folders for collaborative projects across multiple office locations

How does BoltonSmith ensure security and reliability?

Virtual Desktop systems are outfitted with an extensive suite of defensive measures and fail-safes, ensuring that your network and data is completely protected from attacks and potential equipment failures.

  • Applications and patches can be deployed instantly to pools of desktops

  • Two-Factor authentication options available for increased security

  • Corporate desktops are separated from your physical network for additional security and virus prevention

  • Sensitive corporate data stored in highly-protected data centers

  • Centralized Anti-Virus Protection

  • Advanced Networking Security options available for every desktop

Frequently Asked Questions

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How is the Virtual Desktop Service offered by BoltonSmith different from other Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) providers?


BoltonSmith provides a comprehensive solution, not just a service. We simplify the implementation and adoption of powerful virtualization technologies to deliver secure, robust enterprise VDI solutions to meet the demands of today's mission critical workloads.

How are end-users authenticated to the Virtual Desktop Service?


BoltonSmith can provide all the necessary components required to securely authenticate and connect to your virtual desktop service. End-users are authenticated via secure connection server gateways and can integrate with an existing Active Directory service.

What do I need to get started?


Just contact BoltonSmith and we will provide all the necessary components required to offer you a complete VDI solution. We will examine existing infrastructure to determine the most efficient and cost effective road map for your business.

Do I need to know how to manage hypervisors, servers or enterprise storage to be able to use virtual desktops?


No! BoltonSmith simplifies the transition into virtual desktop computing. Our service offerings provide the option of eliminating the administrative, technical and financial overhead of managing hypervisors, servers and enterprise storage subsystems.

What desktop operating systems are supported?

  • Windows 7 Enterprise/Professional 64-bit and 32bit

  • Windows Vista Business/Enterprise 32-bit

  • Windows XP Professional 32-bit

What protocols do Virtual Hard Drives support?


Both the Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and PCoIP protocols are supported. PCoIP provides an optimized desktop experience and can compensate based on connection speed and technology so that your staff can remain productive regardless of network conditions.

Are dynamic and static desktops supported?


Statically and Dynamically assigned desktops are both supported. Depending on the requirement of your environment, one or both solutions can be deployed.

Does BoltonSmith have services to help my organization adopt and implement best practices for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?


Our certified Engineers can review and optimize an existing VDI environment or create an architecture roadmap to meet the critical business requirements.

What about privacy and security?


BoltonSmith’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Architects utilize design principles which encompass privacy, security, performance and redundancy in the forefront of each and every VDI solution.

How much bandwidth does a desktop consume?


For View with PCoIP sessions, the average bandwidth for an active office worker may be in the 100-800 Kbps range (depending on the scenario).

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