IT Support and Networking Services

Here at BoltonSmith, we pride ourselves on the range and depth of talent in our technical staff. With our Consultation Services, this talent is yours to direct. Making your IT goals a reality is our objective and our guarantee.

With a reputation for excellence and customer-oriented service, our staff is ready to equip your organization with the power of modern communications technology. And, with consistent and reliable success in a wide variety of communication environments, we are confident in our ability to unlock the full capabilities of your company’s computing and telephony systems.

BoltonSmith's technical team can provide advanced 24/7 support for your IT department, helping your company to fully utilize your in-house talent. Your IT staff is both supplemented and counseled by a reserve team of extremely qualified technicians, resulting in rapid crisis resolution as well as a growing skill-set for your in-house staff.

Our technicians can also serve as an all-inclusive IT solution if your company does not employ an in-house department. These services can include all manner of day-to-day administrative responsibilities, hardware maintenance and installation, and emergency situations.

Virtualization Migration & Assessment

BoltonSmith’s engineers (many of them previous VMware employees) guide your organization through the process of virtualizing your server environment, unlocking the powerful functionality of virtualization and maximizing the use of your current infrastructure.

Private Cloud and Hosting Services

With the power and flexibility of Cloud Computing revolutionizing modern business, companies around the world are making the transition from traditional computing networks. Clouds vary greatly in quality and utility, but BoltonSmith can help your company design and implement an optimal solution in addition to providing hosting services for private Clouds.

BoltonSmith builds and maintains the physical components of your networks, such as Windows & Linux Enterprise Servers on everything from HP, Dell, and IBM entry-level hardware to a full blade and SAN environment. Using networking hardware vendors such as Cisco and Juniper, our staff are highly experienced in coordinating complex hardware deployments through multiple vendors. Our technicians have worked with more than 2500 unique data networks, ensuring that your organization’s hardware investments are met with the best possible infrastructure to achieve your IT goals.

Hardware Management

BoltonSmith’s staff trains your employees in the application of the latest technological instruments, ensuring that your company fully harnesses the benefits of these tools. Our training team counsels your IT staff in implementing and optimizing your current environment and trains your employees on the latest equipment and software .

Staff Training

Online attacks are increasing in frequency, jeopardizing your sensitive data. With a comprehensive threat assessment and penetration testing program, our technical team analyzes any and all vulnerabilities in your systems. Defensive measures are then deployed to shield your network from any potential attacks. Our security analysis team are standing by 24/7, ready for your call.

Security Assessment and Implementation

Our team has designed, deployed, and maintained numerous DR Plans. By establishing and rigorously testing these procedures, our staff insulates your data from catastrophic failure and ensures continued operations for your company. Our engineers are available to design or review your DR Plan.

Disaster-Recovery (DR) Plans


BoltonSmith establishes and maintains a systematic backup regimen in secure off-site locations, preserving a catalogue of your data for any future requirement.

Remote Backup Services

Our network engineers are available at a moment’s notice to assist your IT department, day and night. Whether your staff requires immediate assistance in resolving a catastrophic system failure, or simply has questions about their network, our engineers are on hand and ready to help.

Help Desk Support

BoltonSmith’s staff provide technical support for your end-users, allowing customers and employees alike to fully harness the capabilities of your technological systems and tools.

  • OS Updates & Security Patches
  • Hardware Maintenance & Updates
  • End-User support (Email, Company-specific applications, Document Protection)

Day-To-Day Support

Our network engineers perform the networking administration functions for your computing and telephony systems, arming your organization with a high-performance, reliable and secure communications environment.

  • Multi-Office WAN Connection
  • Mobile Access (Mobile Phones & Computers)
  • Security and DoS (Denial of Service) Maintenance & Protection

Network Management