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Email Filtering


Over Half of All Email Traffic is Unsolicited!

This is the finding of research by Statista. Every organization is a target for email messages that distracts and disrupts from your employees from building your business and meeting customer needs. Business experts agree that navigating unsolicited emails is a detriment to productivity, with global economic costs representing tens of billions of dollars each year.

In an era when electronic mail is constantly under threat from spam and viruses, it's crucial that all organizations provide their customers and employees with a robust email filtering platform capable of blocking security threats at their source.

Spam Volume by Percentage of Email Traffic


BoltonSmith Email Filtering and Anti-Spam Solutions


New threats are emerging every day! The need for advanced email protection has never been greater. Depending on the size of an organization and its customer base, the cost of identifying and addressing email-based security vulnerabilities can be astronomical.

BoltonSmith can help. We offer a unique anti-spam and email filtering service that's based in the cloud, meaning it can be employed from virtually any location to protect your customers and employees. Our anti-span and email filtering offering is designed to filter out potentially harmful emails at their source, our data centres, meaning these threats are mitigated long before they reach your team or your customers. 

Meanwhile, we'll empower your own IT team to manage the specifics of how the system operates. Without requiring your IT team to make any significant changes to their hardware setup, we can assist them in establishing a system that identifies potentially dangerous emails and quarantines them for review. It's a system built to give your people the tools they need to protect your most sensitive information without compromising your control over organizational security.

1-50 Mailboxes


51-100 Mailboxes


101-250 Mailboxes


250+ Mailboxes

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One-Time Setup Fee Per Domain


The Economics

Pricing is determined by the cumulative number of email addresses.

For instance, a client with 20 addresses at and 15 addresses at would only be billed for 1-50 Mailboxes. Furthermore, alias domains do not require duplicate number of users; they are included.

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Anti-SPAM & Email Filtering Solution

The Features

BoltonSmith offers cloud-based Anti-SPAM & Email filtering. Simply point the MX records to a multitude of Anti-SPAM servers, which filter out viruses and SPAM and send your mail server clean mail.

Filtering email in our data centres acts as the first line of defence for your email server. Your IT team retains control over the Anti-SPAM solution.

This allows your business to have great Anti-SPAM and virus protection while still maintaining your own email server.

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