At its Core

Today's corporate phone systems offer many advantages compared to those available just a few years ago. BoltonSmith has combined the features, cost effectiveness, and scalability of digital telephony with the reliability and quality you would expect from traditional solutions.

Digital phone systems work very differently than modular-based analog systems. At its core, digital phone systems run software on a computer and route your calls over the Internet using VoIP technology.

BoltonSmith has taken this software, the core of a digital phone system, and moved it from an on-site location to our secured data centres. Furthermore, the Operating System performs in a virtual environment ensuring that the system is no longer bound to one specific piece of hardware.

The core will be running on reliable server architecture and have the ability to instantly move over to another server in the event of a failure, keeping your system up without an interruption to your service.

Core to Office

The phone system is housed in multiple secured facilities and routes calls where they need to go. This system is designed to embrace any type of broadband Internet. The solution will work across multiple types of Internet connections at the same time. There are two primary concerns when sending calls across the Internet: reliability and security.


The router that BoltonSmith installs and maintains addresses the issue of reliability. This router can accept multiple internet connections at the same time, as well as load balance across all the available Internet connections for equal access to the available bandwidth.

Furthermore, if there is not an available Internet connection the phone system will automatically bring up a 3G wireless receiver, and will use that wireless signal to give you reliable backup.

Since the core of the system is in off-site data centres, connectivity to the premises is never relied upon for inbound voice traffic. When an individual calls the system, the core answers it, prompts for extensions, queues, and voicemail. Therefore, if the connection to your office is unavailable your calls will still be answered and routed to mobile devices or sent to voicemail.

With BoltonSmith every phone call is a private phone call. To ensure security of communication, the router, located on the premises, is programmed to create an encrypted tunnel between your office and our secure data centres. Calls travelling through the internet are encapsulated in this impenetrable, secure, tunnel protecting your communication.