Moving your business and your Information Technology services requires precision timing to avoid costly disruptions. Your move is an important investment in your company and BoltonSmith can help with a free assessment. We'll go over your inventory and your goals and create a checklist with you. From your phone system, desktops, Internet - to your entire network infrastructure, we're the experienced IT relocation professionals who can help you get where you need to go.

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Moving may require switching Internet providers for optimal business performance. BoltonSmith will ensure you've got the best Internet service available for your new location.


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Whether you're planning a move with plenty of time or you need to act fast - BoltonSmith has been there. We specialize in office relocation and identifying opportunities to update systems to save cost. It's your move - contact us now.

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Moving your business can be a major headache, but moving your IT doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re looking at relocating one or more systems or you’re considering a full IT relocation or update to your aging hardware, BoltonSmith can help. We’ll work with you to evaluate your options and create an IT relocation checklist that will make your move worry-free. We’ll take the stress out of your IT move so you can focus on what matters most – your business.

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About BoltonSmith

BoltonSmith is a full service IT provider specializing in every aspect of digital business solutions. We bring an end to your business's computing problems with managed IT services that cost a fraction of maintaining your own team. We don't just move business IT systems, we can implement, manage and support your business's every need. 

  • Internet Services (including email and web hosing): These digital communications tools are the lifeblood of your business. Ensure secure, worry-free Internet communications with a system designed and maintained by BoltonSmith. 
  • IT Support: Full IT support provides your company with the 24/7 help that keeps your business running smoothly. It's like having an in-house desktop support team at a fraction of the cost. We can support all your systems and arrange any training you need to empower your staff with self-sufficiency.   
  • Digital Phone Systems: Cloud-based phone systems provide businesses with advanced features - minus the outrageous monthly phone bill. BoltonSmith delivers feature-rich business phone solutions, products and integrations using proven technology that is customized to suit your organization's every need. 
  • Virtual Desktop: Powerful, secure and flexible virtual desktops allow your employees to thrive trouble-free. Moving your desktops to the cloud lets anyone access their work from anywhere and from a variety of devices. The only thing you stand to lose is the high cost of hardware and IT support.    
  • Virtual Private Servers: Speedy and secure virtual private servers put key business systems into the cloud for the ultimate in performance, flexibility and control.  Eliminate downtime and security concerns with isolated server environments that run the virtual machines and applications that keeps your business running.  

    BoltonSmith manages and supports your systems 100% - 24/7.