Our Team

The BoltonSmith technical staff will guide your company through the initial implementation process and provide ongoing 24/7 support. With VMware, Cisco, Microsoft, and Storage certification, our engineers are continually trained and draw upon extensive experience supporting large banks as well as federal and military networks.

Our team is qualified and experienced in every aspect of Virtual Desktop systems, offering your organization a complete end-to-end solution. A single-point of contact for all technical questions, issues, and upgrades will result in faster resolution time, simplified responsibilities and root-cause analysis (RCA).


Working closely with your IT department, our engineers will first establish a thorough understanding of your organization’s current architectural IT infrastructure,  goals and requirements. After preparing an objective-based roadmap with clear milestones, our staff begin preparation of the servers, and take your IT staffthrough a training program for their new roles and administrative capabilities.

Once the servers have been prepared, our team carefully migrates your existing data to your new private cloud environment, while maintaining exclusive file access is to all end users. Your employees’ workstations are provided with SSL Tunnel-encrypted connections to our redundant high speed Fiber network, and the server-access software is installed onto your local machines.

BoltonSmith can provide the necessary Microsoft, VMware ESXi, and VMware View licenses, and will maintain all VMware View infrastructure. This frees your IT staff to focus on day-to-day operations and local support, with 24/7 assistance from BoltonSmith when required.

System & Data Protection

BoltonSmith appreciates that security is one of the primary concerns that customers have in regards to remotely-accessed data, and has developed a security programme to anticipate and defend against attacks.

Besides our Web Filtering services to block access to dangerous or undesirable websites, our multi-homed fibre network and data centers are protected by built-in Denial of Service (DOS) and Virus Protection features. Every network is accompanied by a 24/7 monitoring system to alert our security team of abnormal network behaviour for review and appropriate action. Two-factor authentication protects against brute-force attacks and compromised passwords.

In the unlikely event of a system failure, Disaster Recovery procedures combined with a BoltonSmith-maintained data backup schedule are enacted, quickly restoring your system to full operational status.

  • Always-Connected proprietary routers enable satellite offices to load-balance and fail-over to multiple internet connections, including 3G. This ensures that your end users maintain desktop connectivity, while remaining cost-effective.
  • Proprietary small footprint end-points run BoltonSmith’s version of Linux with all the software and security required to connect to the VDI Network
  • Wyse Boxes are also supported
  • Wyse Mobile App for access to virtual infrastructure with iPhones & iPads

Connectivity Equipment (Optional)