The Company

BoltonSmith is an organization dedicated to developing and implementing technical solutions. In every aspect of our company we continually work with technology to model and implement powerful, dependable, and cost-effective solutions.

Our team operates alongside your business and enables it to harness technology securely and safely to minimize downtime and technical issues. BoltonSmith strives to maximize your efficiency and ability while remaining flexible enough to embrace new technology as it becomes available.

We pride ourselves on the quality, reliability, and security of our products and services. Such dedication is apparent in every aspect of our company and we look forward to working with you to seamlessly integrate technology into your organization.

Tony Smith


Tasked with overseeing BoltonSmith's corporate strategy, business development, and finance, Tony is passionate and dedicated to every one of his projects and the people around him. 

An experienced business owner, Tony started his work training under his father, a successful entrepreneur. He has also been mentored by other CEOs and executives of very successful companies throughout his life.

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